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Corporate Identity

Addis(Thailand) Co., Ltd. President

Takuya Takahashi

Comprehensive power in charge of "One Stop"

Forty years since its establishment in 1978, Addis Muse has consistently pursued professionalism as a comprehensive display industry. Birth is from rental sales of mannequin dolls and display equipment. After that, we proceeded to interior work at the strong request of our customers. And our field has expanded to the event industry, and now we are greatly recognized for our comprehensive ability to handle everything from planning to operation with "One Stop" as well as space production.

ADDIS GROUP support all your  Business

In response to the needs of the times, we have gradually changed the quality and refined our business according to the needs of the market.
We believe that it is our mission to continue to be a company that is recognized and needed by everyone.
As a comprehensive display company, we will continue to consider the three pillars of "rental business," "store packaging business," and "event business" as our core businesses, while expanding the range of services to all stakeholders, including customers and employees. We will contribute to everyone.
The soul that the Addis Muse Group values ​​most is "Prosperity contracting! Spirit.

Our requirement is customer satisfaction.

Based on this "ambition", all Group employees will respond to your needs as a "prosperity contractor" and as a comprehensive display professional.
The Addis Muse Group will continue to work as one to create new social value for displays in order to meet the expectations of our customers and workplaces by making full use of the Group's comprehensive strengths and networks. I will. We look forward to your continued support.

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