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Parent Company

Addis, part of the company's name "Addis Muse," comes from a combination of three English words: advance, which means evolution, exposition, and space, which means space. Meditate is a goddess of Greek mythology. 


For over 40 years, Addis Muse has been exhibiting where the "things" shine the most. The company is the company that helps you power things up. How can I promote my products? I want to open a shop, what should I do? I want to hold an exhibition or seminar, what do I need to prepare? I want to rent a table for a while. But where should I consult? Please talk to us even if it's a little bit. We will offer products to suit everyone's needs.

Addis Thailand

Addis (Thailand)., Co.LTD. Founded in April 2014 as a subsidiary of Addis Muse from Japan. It has a long history of more than 40 years and has 7 branches in Japan Initially, Addis (Thailand) is a company that provides assistance and support in display of puppets and furniture Integrated. Later developed a service model to meet the needs of customers, whether Structural design, construction, events and rental / sales exhibitions. And manufacture of furniture We are ready to supply display equipment. For all types of merchants according to the concept of One Stop Service. To give the best to your store or venue Customers with a comprehensive service We are ready to highlight your shop. Customer satisfaction is the reward of our service.

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