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Mannequin  Rental and Sell


We can produce mannequins of your own to meet the needs of the times. We will provide one-stop service from installation planning to sales-floor direction.We can support you with keeping up with changing trends. Our mannequin rental service will make changing floor layout easier to improve your shop image.

Display  Rental and Sell


Dining, living, fashion and entertainment, we cater to any scene.
You can leave everything - from floor layout planning, setting to removal - to us in our one-stop service. We will provide good-design furniture which are always well cared for. We can create space in your venue or shop that will not hurt your image.


Event Exhibition  Planning and Construction  

In our one-stop service, we will help you create eye-catching space with impact, space that customers will want to come in. We can provide services in a wide range of areas from promotion booth to seminars. You can cut cost and time loading-in&out and setting by utilizing our mannequin and furniture rental service.

Store Design  Planning and Construction  

We can provide interior finish work in any genre. From commercial facilities to offices, we will propose cutting-edge designs based on our vast experience. We will create "extraordinary in ordinary" space that customers will want to visit again.

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